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BCI Properties, LLC of Tacoma
 property Management Fee Schedule & Price Chart
*See disclaimer.
  1. Set-up Fee:  None!
    No Set-up fee for new accounts!

  2. Ongoing monthly basic fee:  10%  
    This is the basic fee for rental of a residential single unit such as a family home or apartment. Click this link to see: List of coverages - 
    *Multi-unit properties or homes receive a discount.  

  3. Initial Lease-up Fee - 75% of 1st month rent. For new tenants only
    this "one time fee" is used to offset the initial upfront costs of advertising, showing multiple times on our day off and weekends and Accounting Department setup costs to create a new tenant account online (we use the Cloud), plus fees we pay to Licensed Real Estate Agents who bring us a tenant (all of our rentals are listed on the MLS). All this is done to obtain a suitable tenant. Many hours are spent marketing a client’s property and providing as many showings as possible with a goal of fast placement and finding the best tenant possible. BCI Properties LLC spends literally thousands of dollars each month for advertising alone. 

  4. Reserve - Owners Trust Fund - $200 minimum deposit recommended.
    These funds are generally used for Emergency Maintenance needs, such as flooding of kitchen or bathroom where we need to send out a repairman to turn off the water and mitigate or stop possible ongoing damage. The repairman or vendor will also assess the cause and report to our office so we can contact you the owner if needed to discuss our recommended remedy. Plus, at times we have to pay day-to-day operating expenses on behalf of property owners, such as HOA dues if required or late and having the lawn mowed when vacant. A reserve of $200-$500 is normal for single family properties. Higher funding may be required for Multi-family required depending on number of units in the complex.

  5. Lease Renewal Fee - No Fee!
    Many PM companies charge for renewal of an existing tenants lease. We are also now encouraging month to month rental of properties as a recommended method to better control tenant activities, ease of the eviction process if needed and a way to raise rent if needed without having to wait a year.

  6. Vacant Property Fee - No Fee!  
    Some PM companies charge the owners when a property is vacant as though it was occupied, with the idea that they have to still monitor it and take time to check on it and work on advertising it etc. - Our thought is that if you are not getting paid, neither should we. An exception is if you want work done.

  7. Notices & Legal Doc Fees -  No Fee!
    Exception: If a tenant does NOT pay these costs, as happens sometimes with an eviction, the owner must pay these costs, but these go to collection normally and owners are refunded contingent on the amount we collect back. Includes Process Server Fees etc.

  8. Annual Administrative Fee - $125 once a year.
    owner online files with year end data. this year end fee is assessed to each property to;
    a. Cover our internal audit & preparation of annual owner statements.
    b. Review to ensure compliance with Federal and State laws.
    c. Federal 1099 Tax forms preparation and mail out costs. 
    d. Costs of updating 
  9. Property Inspection Fee - No Fee!   
    Our Home Inspector Mike Bates will do a photo and walk through inspection at the 90-Day point of a lease, then again every 6 months* and at the end, plus on-spot when upon owner request or if seen as needed when doing drive-by reviews.

  10. Eviction Costs/Fees - free for the first $200 in Internal costs, such as postings, letters to tenants and personal visits to collect etc. full Evictions can cost owners from $200 to $900 if our own internal efforts do not succeed. estimated average costs/fees include but are not limited to  serving notices, Attorney fees, court appearances, evictions, etc. Process Servers and other hourly rates are typically $35-$65. We use local Attorneys for our Evictions. Owners must pay for any and all eviction costs as needed, then we will attempt to collect that cost back from a tenant through collection company efforts.

    *Note: we have a very low eviction rate, as compared to other companies.

  11. Cancellation Fee - No Fee! *
    Exception: we require a 30 day notice in writing, plus rental is vacant with no approved applicant. *Note: If we have rented the property or have an approved applicant, then the cancellation fee is $500. Your PM Services contract is extended on a month to month basis after the 1st 12 months but you may still cancel with 30-day notice in writing. Please see our downloadable Owner Contract on this website for more details.

  12. Unpaid Invoice Fee - No Fee!
    This is a service charge (typically1.5%) that is added each month to any unpaid invoices that are past due where owners owe us money.

  13. Bill Payment Fee - No Fee!
    Fee for making owner payments such as mortgage, insurance, home owners association dues, etc. We do not charge a separate fee, some others don't even provide this service.

  14. Maintenance/Repair Fee - No Fee!
    Vendor Invoices are carried over with NO fee on top of their retail prices. When repairs and maintenance is needed, we are hands on with supervision of the task as needed. We negotiate with vendors for the best price on materials and labor. If we have an owner approved repair or maintenance, we generally need all the funds in full prior to the start of the work....unless the owner has directed us to take the funds from owners account, which would need to have enough in it to cover these costs naturally. BCI pays a wholesale price for payment of all retail invoices, no different than any other business. BCI does NOT charge a fee above and beyond the retail invoice issued by our vendors, however our vendors do give us a wholesale cost and we charge retail with the best rate and pricing we can afford.  See how repair and maintenance work is funded below.

    A basic $200 fund is setup in an Owners Trust Fund. This is needed for on-call basic maintenance and for emergency repairs etc. which we setup and manage. Any repairs or maintenance of your property which exceeds $200 or more will be approved by you the owner prior to any work being done for repairs, however at times we will use our best judgement and may use these funds when health and safety are involved. We will send an invoice to the owner or we may repay BCI from the owner trust account, per the Property Management Contract. At all times we use caution and follow the law. You may also ask us to take the funds needed from a tenants rent payment if you like, which BCI must approve on a case by case basis. Please feel free to call us with any questions of course.., anytime. 

    *Please see our contract for all details and exceptions.

    A. We will then send out an Agent or Vendor to inspect for repair needs.
    B. We will call the owner if over $200 or if directed by owner has asked to be notified on the initial agreement or has indicated by email later. Then we will create a service work order for one of our approved Licensed vendors.
    C. We generally pay up to 50% down on a job/repair initially, then inspect during the job.
    D. This is followed by a re-inspection with final payment if we are satisfied.
    E.  Vendors will at times give us credit or some kind of consideration for time spent and gratituity.

    notice: if the maintenance work is lack of heat, no water or health/safety related....plus any other cryteria required by RCW Law Code of Washington to be remidied without waiting, then this must be done within 24 hours at latest as required by law. 

Multi-Family and multiple individual properties are discounted! 
note, the properties do not need to be in one place together. There will be other terms and conditions that will apply and fees are subject to change dependent on contract. 

Management Fee* 
Note: There is a fee of $100 minimum monthly per rental. 1 to 3 rentals.


4-12 rentals ………

13-30 rentals………

30 + rental units/doors….

10 %




If we do not collect the rent, you do not pay a fee.
*This fee is for  collecting rent, accounting services, managing trust accounts, making collection calls as needed, Ad posting to MANY syndicated and paid websites with marketing and promotions a large part of our overhead. Plus we have software for updating owners as needed, an online account for each owner for 24/7 access to the information owners need most. Please see full details and additional important information with a review of our Owner Contract. "EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OWNER CONTRACT & LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY".

*Note: Maintenance, Eviction and Occasional fees are extra cost. The properties do not need to be in one place together for Multi-unit discounts. There will be other terms and conditions that will apply and fees are subject to change with proper notice. Please note that we have only had one fee change in 10 years. 

*Our Price and Fee Chart above should prove that we are one of the least expensive PM companies you will find that will provide the services we offer.

Lease Option -  Or, known also as Rent to Own. These programs are same as FM / Full Management, with the exception that we act as your sales agent as well and will negotiate on your behalf with the tenant to purchase your home, normally within a one year period. Please note: we have a Fiduciary obligation to look out for your best interests as your agent and we will recommend to all renters/tenants that they have all documents reviewed by their own Attorney at their expense.

We will negotiate with owners for our fee prior to a sale. This is upon closing of a sale only and will receive no fee or commission on the sale if it does not materialize. You will have the right to accept or deny any and all such offers naturally.  There will be some additional Escrow fees you will need to pay, roughly about 2% total which includes the 1.78% tax. More details on request. - NOTICE: A full 6% commission is charged when the sale is a Short Sale or sold to a buyer who is not a tenant and/or is not referred to BCI by the owner of the property.

ADVERTISING IS FREE!  we pay thousands of dollars out for advertising costs monthly..., but that cost is included within our basic fees. We aadvertise your home, apartment, condo/flat/loft, farm and commercial properties daily....until they are rented at NO ADDED COST to you via the internet/web on our own website and many others, other than your basic fees. Plus we are part of the Ft. Lewis & McChord Joint-Base "Relocation Services" network AHRN and the Military RPP Program. Additionally, we are also Syndicated on the websites listed below, plus you have other options. In general if your property is priced right, we will have a renter within 3-5 weeks. Please note; additional advertising beyond our normal routine may incur an additional cost.

  - LOOK -

we are also Syndicated or Post through the following companies*...and others:
 Clickable Directories, Inc.
 CLR Search
 Google Base
 New York Times
 Point2 Homes
 The Housing Pages
 Yahoo! Classifieds

Notice; since we do not own or post to all of these companies, however some of these post to others which has shown our listings up on some or all of these online Portals some of the time. We get out there in a big way, but there is no guarantee that your advertisement will show up on their system. We do post Ads as part of our daily routine.

Call us from 9am to 5pm Mon-Friday.
Office: (253) 531-1010 or; (253) 531-2000 or; (253) 531-2600.


 **DISCLAIMER - Please note that this is a guide to our basic fees and rates, we try to keep this webpage up to date but you must refer to our current Owner Rental Agency Contract & Agreement to assure accuracy. See; www.BCIrent.com left side menu for link. Your contract will prevail and over ride any terms, conditions, fees or rates mentioned herein, as some properties may also be unusual or conditions may warrant an update in the contract that you will sign. Call Don Leske Sr. or any Licensed Property Manager anytime with questions.  *Note: we normally limit PayPal.com payments to under $100 in general, without prior approval due to their high fees. It is possible that there may be other fees or costs to you that are not listed here which are optional or not a common fee. So to avoid any mis-understandings please double check by making a phone call to ask if rates have changed. Your contract with us will be the actual only binding agreement. Although we pay for most of our advertising, some of the above affiliate/partner sites also agree to post our ads free, but we cannot guarantee that our Ads will show up or be found as more and more often they now demand a fee.
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