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Donald J. Leske II / Broker
*When priced at fair market value, as determined by MLS Comparative Market Analysis.
Risk Management Program*: 

  This is an option in the form of an Addenda to your Lease, offered for some people who would not normally be allowed to rent due to credit, evictions, past damage to a rental and/or criminal history. 
We wish to reassure owners that we are helping not hurting them, that this RMP will allow us to rent their home faster and these tenants are under tighter supervision and expected to follow the rules better than most other tenants, which has led to great results for our owners.

*Owners can Opt-Out of or disallow this program at any time before or after a new lease is signed.

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This fee based program was developed to help good people with their housing needs, when they have an eviction, felony or bad credit and thus are denied housing. This puts an additional work load on Property Managers above and beyond their normal daily duties. We attempt to provide housing for applicants, when no one else will help them. Tenant hardships may be due to a failure to pass a strict screening with other companies. Not all applicants will be approved here at BCI either, but many will be approved.

We charge $100 a month as an RMP Fee to tenants for this Risk Management. The owner’s rent is paid to owner before we receive a fee. The owner does not get the fee as it is not rent and BCI has undertaken added work to inspect and oversee tenant.

We at BCI have provisions to help honest people, on a case by case basis. Note; not all applicants will be approved for this RMP program. The following are some of the issues we see. To help, we need to verify a good source of income which is at least three times the rent and we use a check sheet to determine an applicant’s suitability for our program. 

A.   Has a foreclosure, but has a good job.

B.      Bankruptcy which was due to unavoidable circumstances.

C.      Medical charges not covered by insurance, which piled up, but are being resolved.

D.     Divorce hardships, including child support issues.

E.      Lost job.., but now has a good job.

F.      Financial hardships caused by a business or partnership failure.

G.      Eviction or 3-Day Notices, due to spousal non-support issues or explainable hardships like a lost job, which have been unavoidable.

BCI provides the following for rental owners:

A.      If tenant has not paid by the 3rd day, we do not wait for 5-days grace but we will make a personal visit to the tenant when they are home.  

B.      We will not charge the owner for the $200 initial Eviction fee before a tenant account is sent to our Attorney Fredrick Hetter for eviction processing. Most tenants pay as agreed within the initial $200 cost framework.

C.      Owners will NOT be charged the $65 Notice Fee.

D.     Owners will NOT pay a Lease-up fee for the next new tenant.

E.      Owner receives additional Tenant Watch reports, on any unusual activity.

       F.   BCI will repay owners for tenant's failure to pay rent, up to $500 for rent loss. 

Note: See the Risk Management Addendum for additional details.    

Updated:  4/12/2016

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