Donald J. Leske II / Broker
Donald J. Leske II / Broker
*When priced at fair market value, as determined by MLS Comparative Market Analysis.
 No Hidden Fees! 

1.  Set-up fee


Many companies charge a setup fee. We do not.

2.  Management Fees
*Note: $75 minimum Fee.
A rental "Unit" is one door.

4-9 Rental Units…
10-30 Rental Units…
30-50 Rental Units…

51+ Rental Units by bid! 



If we do not collect rent = NO Fee!

The fees are for services shown in our contract. 

We are the only PM company that discloses all of our charges and fees, we have no hidden fees. 

3.  Lease up Fee 

1st month only.

1st month for new rental contracts only - not Renewals. Helps offset Advertising & overhead costs, as Thousands of dollars a month are spent for overhead & paying Realtors an MLS Fee to bring us a tenant. Applies to first full month of rent, in case of a pro-rated month. If pro-rated, fee shall apply to part of 2nd mo.

4.  Emergency Trust Fund

*This is owners money, held in a Trust Account.


These funds are for Emergency Maintenance needs, and can be used to pay day-to-day operating expenses if needed for an owners benefit. Multi-family units are negotiable. 

5.  Lease Renewal Fee


For existing tenants who want to stay, NO FEE to owners.

6.  Vacant Property Maintenance Fee.


We do not charge a fee to manage a vacant property. Option: if owner wishes us to cut the grass as needed and keep the place clean while vacant, then there is a basic $100 minimum monthly fee while vacant, contingent on review of needs and owner approval.

7. Notices and Legal


    NO FEE!

These are Attorney & Legal Notice Fees. If a tenant does not pay these Fees, then owner must pay. In time these are sent to a Collection Agency, to recoup owner’s money. 

8. NSF fees, late notice & miscellaneous fees.


   NO FEE!

These are fees which BCI has charged to tenants. Owners must pay these fees only if tenants do not pay as expected, but owners never pay late fees, these are charged to tenants.

Annual Administration


A year end fee is assessed to help cover costs of the preparation of annual year-end statements, rent-rolls, 1099 Federal Tax form and annual review of entire account.

10. Property Inspections

  *No cost to owners!


We schedule a photo inspection with written report at 180 days post occupancy, plus drive-by inspections during the year which can trigger a spot Inspection. FREE SERVICE!

11. Eviction Costs
*We attempt to negotiate with tenants first to get them out and save owners money.



Fees for the eviction process can cost from $200-$900 as an estimated average with court costs, Attorney Fees and management fees. Owners must pay $500 deposit at the time of Eviction inception, with refund later if and when collected from tenant..

12. Cancellation Fee


*EXCEPTION:  See section below or our Owner Contract for details, such as if a tenant has been found and owner terminates there may be a fee.

13. Unpaid Invoice fee


 For unpaid owner invoices that are past due. Money owed by owner which has gone unpaid to BCI, such as maintenance costs. 

14. Bill payment fee


Regarding payment of mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc. We do not charge a separate fee as some do; many others don't even provide this service. Hard costs are passed on to owner.

15. Maintenance/Repairs


When repairs or maintenance is needed, BCI is “hands on” with supervision of the task needed. Owners do not pay BCI a fee, but do pay retail costs. See Section in our Owner Contract.

 **DISCLAIMER - Please note that this is a guide to our basic fees and rates and are subject to changed without notice. We try to keep this webpage up to date but you must refer to our current Owner Rental Agency Contract & Agreement to assure accuracy. See; left side menu for link. Your contract will prevail and over ride any terms, conditions, fees or rates mentioned herein, as some properties may also be unusual or conditions may warrant an update in the contract that you will sign. Call Don Leske Sr. 253-241-6695 or any Licensed Property Manager 253-531-1010 anytime with questions.  *Note: we limit payments to under $100 in general, without prior approval due to their high fees. It is possible that there may be other fees or costs to you that are not listed here which are optional or not a common fee. So to avoid any mis-understandings please double check by making a phone call to ask if rates have changed. Your contract with us will be the actual only binding agreement. BCI Properties LLC will pay for all of our client advertising unless a client wishes additional advertising in print or some other form that we do not support for free. Some of the affiliate/partner sites also agree to post our ads free, but we cannot guarantee that our Ads will show up or be found on any online/media advertising source. 
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