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Donald J. Leske II / Broker
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WASHINGTON STATE RCW Laws regarding the sharing of fees, prices and commissions.
 Of interest is the ongoing industry wide negative stance some licensed real estate brokers take on the sharing of information with the public, or each other for that matter. I have a policy here at BCI PROPERTIES LLC of full disclosure of our Price & Fee structure, plus all documents are downloadable in ready-to-use form 

Here is what I have found out and stand by today. Yes, we can show our Fee & Price Chart. The following is an email just received from DOL 

From: Dutra, Bill (DOL) [mailto:BDUTRA@DOL.WA.GOV] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 3:02 PM
To: Office
Subject: RE: Compliance update from Don at BCI Properties, LLC

Mr. Leske,

Thank you for your email and I’m sorry for the late response.

It is not a violation of the real estate licensing law to publish your fees and commissions. Our office would be concerned if you chose not to honor the advertised or published fees and commissions.

Let me know if you we can be of any further assistance.


Bill Dutra 
Department of Licensing
Real Estate Programs
PO Box 2445
Olympia, WA  98507-2445

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